Where To Buy Fire Bricks for Pizza Oven

Fire bricks are used in pizza ovens to store and radiate heat. These pizza oven bricks can be purchased in pre-cut shapes and sizes, or if preferred you can choose a block with dimensions that fit your own construction.

If you’re a pizza lover and want to make a DIY pizza oven at home, you’ll need high-quality fire bricks. These bricks have a high alumina concentration and can withstand temperatures up to 1000 °F (538 °C), making them ideal for pizza ovens. So, where can you buy the best fire bricks for your home pizza oven? 

The best place to buy pizza oven fire bricks is Amazon because you can find a range of brands and products. You can also buy fire bricks from a home improvement store such as Home Depot, from other online sites like eBay, or directly from a fire brick manufacturer’s website. 

In this article, I’ll highlight the best places to buy fire bricks for your pizza oven. I’ll also give you tips on how to choose the best fire bricks for a home oven and discuss possible alternatives to fire bricks. 

The Best Places To Buy Fire Bricks

While fire bricks aren’t as common as regular or clay bricks, they’re readily available in most home improvement stores. When shopping for fire bricks for your home pizza oven, you should always go for a reliable supplier that will give you a guarantee of the fire brick’s performance. 

AS person installing fire bricks.
Fire bricks aren’t as common as regular or clay bricks.

Some of the best places to buy quality fire bricks for your pizza include: 


Amazon is the best place to buy fire bricks for a pizza oven. It has hundreds of different brands, and you can browse through different types of fire bricks. You’ll also find many of the best fire brick manufacturers supplying through Amazon. If you’re looking for a special type of fire brick, you’ll find it on Amazon. 

Another benefit of buying fire bricks from Amazon is that you can get them delivered soon, so you don’t have to wait to start building your pizza oven. While you won’t always get a quality guarantee when buying through Amazon, you shouldn’t have a problem if you choose a reputable brand. 

A wood fire wood oven.
Another benefit of buying fire bricks from Amazon is that you can get them delivered soon.

If you don’t want to spend time building your own pizza oven with fire brick, you can opt for a gas oven instead. Amazon has many alternatives, including portable pizza ovens, so you’ll have more options to review before deciding whether to buy fire brick. 

However, remember that gas and metal ovens don’t reach the same temperatures as pizza ovens made from fire brick. So, if you want to get the perfect pizzas, it’s best to build your own pizza oven with special fire bricks. 

If you’re shopping for fire bricks on Amazon, you can opt to buy Rutland Products Fire Brick (available on Amazon.com). Rutland fire bricks are heat resistant and perfect for fireplaces, fire pits, and pizza ovens. 

Another preferred fire brick is the US Stove Company FireBrick (available on Amazon.com): Perfect for wood or coal pizza ovens, these are the ideal replacement fire bricks for any pizza oven. 

Home Improvement Stores 

If you want to physically check the fire bricks before purchasing them or don’t want to wait for them to be delivered, it’s best to buy them from a home improvement store. Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart all sell special fire bricks for pizza ovens

The main advantage of buying fire bricks from a home improvement store is that you can physically check the bricks from different brands before choosing one that suits your pizza oven design. You’ll also get same-day delivery in most cases, so you can start building the pizza oven straight away. 

A bricked wood fire oven with flame.
The main advantage of buying fire bricks from a home improvement store is that you can physically check the bricks.

However, home improvement retailers don’t always have a ready stock of fire bricks, and you may have to order online or look for specific stores that have fire bricks in stock. 

Purchasing fire bricks through a retailer is also more expensive than buying them online or directly from the manufacturer. Considering that the average pizza oven can use over 250 bricks, the cost difference can be significant. 

eBay and Other Online Sites 

While Amazon is the market leader in offering fire bricks online, you can get better deals from eBay or Craigslist. If you’re placing a bulk order, these sites are ideal, and you’ll get much better deals. Many fire brick manufacturers will also sell directly through eBay and Craigslist, which allows you to bypass the retailers. 

Another benefit of buying fire bricks on Craigslist is that you’ll get access to local suppliers and can have the bricks delivered in a day or two. If you’re looking for the best deals, check out these sites. 

However, unlike with Amazon or home improvement stores, you won’t have any guarantees when buying on Craigslist or eBay. Always research the fire brick supplier or manufacturer when buying fire bricks through these sites. 

Fire Brick Manufacturers 

If you want the best quality, special fire bricks at affordable pricing, buy them directly from the manufacturer’s website. Many fire brick manufacturers will sell directly on their website at wholesale rates, allowing you to bypass the retailers. You’ll also be 100% sure that you’re getting the right product. 

A bricked oven with an open door.
Some manufacturers will require you to place an order several days before you get the bricks delivered to your residence. 

However, you won’t be able to buy a couple of fire bricks from a manufacturer, so it’s only a viable option if you’re building a pizza oven. Also, some manufacturers will require you to place an order several days before you get the bricks delivered to your residence. 

If you want to buy directly from fire brick manufacturers, try VITCAS, Stonetrade, or other reputable fire brick manufacturers. 

How To Choose the Best Brick for a Pizza Oven 

Choosing the right type of brick is crucial for any pizza oven. Since the pizza cooks on the brick surface, you need something that will retain heat well, spread heat evenly and handle the high temperatures that pizza ovens generate. For this, fire brick is ideal and normal bricks or red clay bricks won’t cut it. 

When choosing bricks to build a pizza oven, the first thing to look at is the maximum temperature that the bricks can handle. Regular bricks can’t handle the temperature levels in pizza ovens. On the other hand, most special fire bricks can handle high temperatures of over 900 °F (482 °C). 

A bricked oven with a fire.
Choosing the right type of brick is crucial for any pizza oven.

Secondly, look at the brick’s heat retention and distribution. While red clay bricks can handle extremely high temperatures, they don’t retain heat as well as fire bricks. Clay bricks will also warp if you use them regularly at high temperatures. If you’re building a pizza oven, it’s best to use quality, heat-resistant materials. 

While you could opt for portable pizza ovens or make pizzas in your gas oven, you won’t get perfectly cooked pizzas and bread. Fire brick pizza ovens absorb the heat and release it slowly, which is perfect for cooking pizzas and baking bread. 

If you can’t get fire bricks, you can use local red clay bricks to build your pizza oven. However, avoid using regular bricks and never use concrete to build a pizza oven, as it may explode when heated. 


With home pizza ovens becoming more popular, more retailers are selling special fire bricks. You can buy fire bricks from Amazon, home improvement stores, or even a local manufacturer. Always make sure that the bricks you use in your pizza oven retain heat well and can resist high temperatures.

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