What Is Fire Glass and How Does It Work?

Fire glass is a unique product. It has a rough texture, works great when using fire pits, and can be more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional stones that were used in the past. It actually works like a fireplace would. Fire Glass uses convection to radiate heat, it is an inexpensive way to bring natural warmth into your yard for a fraction of the cost!

If you’re planning a party or are just having some friends over, having a unique piece of decoration is a great way to enhance your time. Everybody has tried to do the basics: take care of the lawn, paint the walls, and use scented candles. Setting yourself apart from the usual is by spicing up your fireplace or firepit with fire glass.

Fire glass is flammable tempered glass that are put in fireplaces and firepits to enhance the look of your fire. They come in differently colored pieces and have the benefit of not being damaged or being toxic while being lit.

If you’re tired of your average fireplace or fire pit or are just getting your first one, fire glass can be a simple way to fuel excitement in your house. However, being unaware of it may give you some reservations about this product. Read on to better understand what fire glass is and what to know before buying it.

What Exactly Is Fire Glass?

Fire glass is recycled tempered glass cut up into small pebbles used as decoration for in fire. Tempered glass makes this a product perfect for safety, as its treatment makes able to come into contact with flames without burning or emitting toxins into the air. Regular glass, on the other hand, would fume and explode when lit.

A fire place.
Fire glass can be a simple way to fuel excitement in your house.

Since fire glass is not harmed the way normal glass is by fire, it will practically never break down or need to be replaced. The only reason for this to happen is for a change of color preference, a new pit, or damage due to improper handling.

Although the only obvious difference between fire glass and regular glass may be the color, handling the two are night and day. You’ll find that fire glass, while looking like shards at first glance, have a texture more similar to stones. Without the sharp edges, it’s safe to move around fire glass with your hands without protection (unless they’re hot, of course).

This material is a solid alternative to fake logs, which make gas lines easy to spot. Fire glass pebbles do not have this problem, as they can cover up the whole volume and don’t break the illusion. In addition to the visual treat, fire glass makes the radiation of heat of a multiplier as high as 4.

As you can gather from the information above, fire glass is a very safe and attractive product that allows you to bring the look of your home to the next level. All that’s left now is to go over how to properly use it.

How To Properly Use Fire Glass

Before you buy fire glass, know that you can put it in both fireplaces and fire pits that use either propane or natural gas as fuel. Using wood to fuel the fire will not work with the fire glass, leading to damage or danger to you. 

You’ll also wish to make sure that your tray is cleaned out over time with equal parts water and vinegar followed by a rise and time to dry before use. Covering the pit while not in use will reduce the need to clean as often. As such, also make sure you remove any debris from the fireplace or pit before you light it.

A blue fire glass.
You can put it in both fireplaces and fire pits that use either propane or natural gas as fuel.

It’ll be best to do a thorough cleaning if you’re replacing fake logs or lava rocks with your fire glass, especially if it’s been a long time since the last wash. Then, simply pour your fire glass into the tray and light when ready.

How Much Fire Glass To Use?

When you’re putting your fire glass in, make sure it doesn’t cover the burner completely by more than 1 inch or so, as the flame needs the oxygen to survive. Also, note that the relatively heavy weight of fire glass leads to it not dispersing throughout the area as much as you’d think, meaning you may have to buy more than you think.

When it comes to purchasing your fire glass, the packaging will tell you how much the amount weighs along with other information on safety. There may also be information on how to figure out how many pounds you need for your space.

Fire glass.
Note that the relatively heavy weight of fire glass leads to it not dispersing throughout the area.

However, an easier way is to use an online calculator to figure out how many pounds of fire glass you’ll need. This one from starfiredirect.com can be used for your fireplaces, round fire pits, and four-sided fire pits. Using just the dimensions, you can find out how much you’ll need before you go browsing for options.

Possible Fire Glass Options

Before closing out, it may help you to see some options for fire glass, as shown below:

MixRBBQ 20lbs Fire Pit Fire Glass Rock

  • Bundle of 2 10 pound jars of glass, one blue and one red,
  • ½ inch long pieces,
  • $53.99.

NUPICK 20 Pound Fire Glass for Fire Pit

  • 20 pound mix of blue and white pieces,
  • ½ inch long,
  • $43.79.
Fire pit fire glass.
Mix of blue and white pieces

Stanbroil 10-Pound Fire Glass Cubes

  • 10 pounds of pieces that come in the following:
    • Amber,
    • Cobalt blue,
    • Crystal ice,
    • Emerald green,
    • New Caribbean blue.
  • 1 inch long pieces, shaped like cubes rather than shards,
  • Price ranges from $19.99-$29.99, depending on color.

While these three choices offer the same in terms of functionality, they each offer an aesthetic choice for anyone interested. Of course, they also mean that you can add some variety between multiple spots. For example, the combination of red for your fireplace and blue for your fire pit outside may be preferable to you over just one color.

A fire pit outside.
They each offer an aesthetic choice for anyone interested.


Rather than continuing the current set-up for the appliances in your house, you’ll want to update and find better ways to run things. Just as you repaint and have seasonal decorations, you can look for ways to improve your fireplace or fire pit.

Fire glass is a great way to bring life to your house and add that visual flavor you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s winter and you’re huddled around the fireplace or it’s summer and you’re eating near your fire pit, you, your family, and your friends will be sure to enjoy this cheap and easy-to-use product.

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