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Six Benefits of Cooking Outside

Cooking outside has grown in popularity. There are many advantages of cooking outside over cooking inside of your home. It is an activity that has been happening forever and yields great results. Cooking outside can be fun and can be done by kids. There are six benefits of cooking outdoors over cooking inside that are listed below.

Are you considering an outdoor kitchen? If you’re still on the fence about taking the plunge on this backyard enhancement, you might want to hear about all of the great benefits it provides. Keep reading to find out the top six benefits of cooking outside (and why those plans for the built-in grill should be executed ASAP).

What are the Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen?

Most people can look at an outdoor kitchen and agree that it looks nice. Outdoor kitchens tend to be grand and beautiful, providing an extra bit of luxury to any backyard. Needless to say, this not only makes your yard look fantastic but boosts the value of your home, too.

But aside from aesthetics, what’s the big deal about outdoor kitchens? Are there actual benefits to using one? You bet. 

1. More Space

Anyone who loves to cook (or bake) will say that they love cooking for their friends and loved ones. But they don’t love those same people hanging around in the kitchen. It can be a nuisance having to navigate around looky-loos that claim they’re helping in some way.

An outdoor kitchen allows for more space, not only for the person cooking but for the guests, too. While you’re cooking up some steaks and side dishes, your guests can be lounging around the backyard, enjoying the scenery and chatting.

A modern style outdoor kitchen.
Outdoor cooking spaces also allow for cooking to be done in multiple places.

Outdoor cooking spaces also allow for cooking to be done in multiple places too. So, when you’re operating the grill outside, your family members can be putting together the dessert in the inside oven. 

2. Better Flavors

When it comes to cooking, there is nothing quite like the flavor of the grill. For example, think about those steaks on July 4. Most people aren’t itching to plop their Ribeye into the skillet. No, they want the juicy and delightful flavors from the grill.

Grilling outdoor.
When it comes to cooking, there is nothing quite like the flavor of the grill.

There’s a reason behind this. It’s called the Maillard Reaction. Without getting too sciencey, the Maillard Reaction is essentially a chemical reaction that occurs while cooking on the grill. The amino acids and sugars produce that desirable browning exterior and juicy, flavorful interior.

3. It’s Healthier

There are a few different ways that outdoor cooking is actually healthier than indoor cooking. 

  • Being outside improves overall health. Fresh air is linked to an improved digestive system, lower blood sugar, and happier moods. 
  • It’s better for kids. If you have little ones in the home, they will enjoy the outside world while you cook. Being outside is imperative for children and is linked to improved motor skills and muscle strength, and better health overall.
Mother and daughter cooking.
Your kids will enjoy the outside world while you cook.
  • Fewer oils/fats. When you cook inside, on the stovetop, for example, you’re cooking the items with the oils and fats. Outdoor cooking presents the opportunity for oils and fats to drip off of the food, which means you’re eating fewer of them. This equates to a healthier meal overall.

4. Saves Money

Nobody likes to use their kitchen during the summer months. Even using the oven for half an hour can cause the entire house to warm up, which leads to the air conditioner being turned down and used for an extended period.

Well, A/C isn’t cheap. Cranking it up just to put a hot meal on the table isn’t equitable. With outdoor cooking, you can keep the windows shut, cook your meal outside, and never think twice about turning the A/C on high. This leads to reduced energy costs, which anyone will agree is a big plus.

A happy woman who happily saved money.
You also have to think about the reduced costs of gas and electricity.

You also have to think about the reduced costs of gas and electricity (depending on the type of indoor appliances you own). If your outdoor kitchen uses charcoal, you won’t spend a dime on any utilities to make your meals.

5. Sayonara, Bad Smells

Plenty of families enjoy eating things like salmon or tilapia, especially when it’s grilled. Unfortunately, while these foods taste delicious, the smell does not coincide. If you’ve ever baked fish in your kitchen, then you know the odors tend to linger far after they should.

With outdoor cooking, you put an end to terrible smells for good. Being outside, the scent of freshly cooked fish won’t penetrate your home. Plus, the smells will be wafted away by the wind, so your outdoor cooking space is ready for the next round of cooking.

6. More Cooking Versatility

When you think of an outdoor cooking space, don’t limit it to a barbecue. Although this will be the staple of your outdoor kitchen, there are other options you can add. Two of the most popular add-ons are woodfire pizza ovens and smokers.

A woodfire pizza oven can be one of the greatest things you ever cook with. It will put an end to buying pizza from the local pizza joint for good (which means you’re saving money, too). A smoker is also a gamechanger for cooking meats. The depth of flavor that develops is something to write home about.

A girl baking a pizza.
A woodfire pizza oven can be one of the greatest things you ever cook with.

Basically, an outdoor kitchen can provide more versatile appliances you wouldn’t and couldn’t use inside your home. This means you can learn some new tricks while also providing your loved ones with new tasty items for dinner.

Should you have an outdoor kitchen?

Read through the top six benefits, and you’ll have your answer: yes. Outdoor kitchens are money savers yet provide more opportunities for home chefs to curate delicious meals.

Do outdoor kitchens last?

As long as they are maintained properly, outdoor kitchens can easily last as long as your indoor kitchen. This could mean ten years, more or less.

Can the outdoor kitchen get wet?

As long as the materials used can get wet, then yes, the outdoor kitchen can get wet. That’s why it is important to use a trusted contractor that is familiar with creating outdoor kitchens. 

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