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How Long It Takes To Cook Pizza in an Outdoor Pizza Oven?

An outdoor pizza oven can be used to cook your favorite pizza and give it that perfect crunchy crust. It takes about 20 minutes to cook a large pizza at 700˚F. The specific time will vary depending on the size of your pizza, the thickness of the crust and the temperature you use.

If you are looking to cook your pizza or pizzas in minutes, then do not hesitate to get yourself an outdoor pizza oven. These ovens cook very fast, allowing you to cook as many pizzas as you would want in a short amount of time. But how long will it take to cook one pizza in an outdoor pizza oven?

It takes one to two minutes to cook pizza in an outdoor pizza oven once the oven has finished preheating. For the best results, maintain temperatures at around 370 °C (700 ºF). Ensure the temperatures are even to prevent some areas of the pizza from burning before other edges are cooked. 

If you are looking for an exciting activity to keep you having fun with your loved ones over the weekend, I would recommend an outdoor pizza oven. Read on and learn more facts, benefits, and how to take good care of your outdoor pizza oven.

Why Outdoor Pizza Ovens Cook So Quickly

If you’re an experienced pizza chef, you know it takes more than a few minutes to cook a pizza in a standard kitchen oven. So, what is it that allows outdoor pizza ovens to cook a pizza in under two minutes?

Outdoor pizza ovens utilize a large stone that can retain extremely high temperatures for long periods of time. Because the stone stays consistently hot, you can cook multiple pizzas in a row without worrying about the temperature inside the oven dropping. This differs from a standard kitchen oven, which loses significant amounts of heat each time you open it.

Fresh pizza from outdoor oven.
Outdoor pizza ovens utilize a large stone that can retain extremely high temperatures for long periods of time.

Once you learn how to use it properly, an outdoor kitchen oven is invaluable when it comes to cooking for large groups of people.

How To Cook Pizza in an Outdoor Pizza Oven

 If you got yourself an outdoor pizza oven this summer, here is how you can use it to prepare and cook your pizza.

1. Prepare Your Dough

A good dough determines how good your pizza will be. You can opt to make your dough at home or purchase pre-made dough.

If you prefer to make your pizza dough, allow it to rise, then stretch it. When doing this, apply some flour to your hands and the surface to prevent the dough from sticking.

2. Add the Pizza Sauce and Toppings 

The sauce and the toppings are the pizza’s centerpiece. For your toppings, you can opt for chicken, pineapple, tofu, and banana peppers, among many others.

Pizza sauce is usually a tomato-based marinara. You crush the tomatoes, then add sea salt and olive oil. Fortunately, you are not restricted when choosing how to make your sauce.

A person putting toppings at the pizza dough.
The sauce and the toppings are the pizza’s centerpiece.

Spread the sauce first over the dough, then arrange your toppings.

3. Preheat the Oven

Before you place the pizza into the oven, preheat it first. Use high heat when cooking to achieve a pizza with well-cooked toppings and a crispy crust. Once you are sure the oven has reached an appropriate temperature, you’re ready to put the pizza in to cook.

4. Turn the Pizza Periodically 

You will have to put a little bit of effort into the cooking process if you want an evenly cooked pizza. You will need to turn the pizza inside the oven to ensure all edges are well cooked. 

For effective pizza turning, you can get yourself a pizza turner. I recommend this GREENERHOME Pizza Turning Peel (available on This tool is made of high-quality stainless steel, making it food-grade and eco-friendly.

It makes it easy for you and allows you to give the pizza a good rotation while inside the oven until all edges are crispy and golden brown.

5. Remove the Cooked Pizza 

Once your pizza has been cooked, you will have to get it out of the oven. Get your pizza peel, slide it underneath your pizza then lift it out of the oven. Maintain a steady hand to avoid dropping your perfectly cooked pizza.

Following these instructions will help you enjoy a well-cooked pizza.

Benefits of Cooking in an Outdoor Pizza Oven

So, are you still wondering if an outdoor pizza oven is a good investment? Read on and find out some of the benefits you will acquire from owning one. 

Save Time 

As I mentioned, outdoor pizza ovens cook using high heat. This means the pizzas cook very fast. The high heat cooks the pizza very fast, helping you utilize time.

Since they cook fast, you can cook as many pizzas as you would wish without getting worried people will miss out. Once the oven has reached the right temperature, you can cook a huge bath of pizzas quickly, which is perfect for anyone hosting a party or large gathering.

Utilize Energy Efficiency and Save on Cost

Most outdoor pizza ovens use firewood. This means you will not have to use gas or electricity, making it a good way for you to save on utility bills.

Wooden pizza oven.
There are different oven models in the market that are perfect for your needs and budget.

You will not have to break the bank to get a functional outdoor pizza oven. There are different oven models in the market that are perfect for your needs and budget.

Prepare Delicious Pizza 

Most pizza connoisseurs would agree: outdoor pizza ovens make the best pizza. As long as you use the right ingredients and cook the pizza using high heat, you’ll be left with a very delicious pizza. The oven helps cook the pizza crust correctly, making sure no areas get burned or come out undercooked.

Create Memories and Socialize

You can use the outdoor pizza oven as a focal point for social gatherings. In the evening, it will help you enjoy a relaxed outdoor atmosphere and the pleasant heat from the fire.

Father and daughter cooking pizza,
You can manage to socialize with your loved ones and cook at the same time.

Gathering around the outdoor pizza oven is a good social activity that most people look forward to during the summer season. During this time, you manage to socialize with your loved ones and cook at the same time.

Cook More Than Just Pizza

For several years, outdoor pizza ovens have been used for cooking different foods. You can prepare bread, roast meat in the oven, cook desserts and make vegetables. These are just a few of the dishes you can prepare using an outdoor pizza oven—don’t be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with your oven!

How To Care for an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Considering its unbeatable efficiency and versatility, an outdoor pizza oven is among the best things to have on your patio. With this in mind, you’ll want to ensure it serves you for a very long time. Below are some tips you can use to maintain the excellent condition of your pizza oven.

Keep the Oven Covered

Pizza ovens are made of either steel or masonry products. You will need to take care of it regardless of the make. Moisture from the rain can easily damage your oven, regardless of the material used in making it.

An outdoor pizza oven with door closed.
You can manage to socialize with your loved ones and cook at the same time.

For a good oven cover, take your time and visit different sellers. The best sellers offer a variety of them in different colors, sizes, and materials.

Remove the Ashes

Ash buildup in your outdoor oven can quickly wear down its interior. The ash can also take up the space needed for the pizza and ruin the cooking food.

Always sweep the interior of your oven after each use. Using a vacuum will help you clean up the ash in any hard-to-reach areas.

Cure the Oven

Curing your oven is necessary since it helps remove moisture. Schedule a regular curing plan if you want to maintain your oven in the best condition.

Oven curing is necessary since moisture can build up, especially in the rainy season. You can cure your oven by heating it at high temperatures for some minutes before you start cooking your pizza.

Maintain the Recommended Temperatures

Some ovens can withstand high temperatures, while others can only maintain low temperatures. Be keen to avoid exceeding the temperature range for your oven.

Using too much firewood can increase the temperatures making it challenging for you to regulate when cooking. The result will be burnt pizzas.

To maintain the right temperatures, use small logs as your firewood. Use a thermometer to help give accurate temperature readings.

If you follow all these steps, you will enjoy using your outdoor pizza oven for longer than expected. As a bonus, you will manage to save up on costs.

Final Thoughts

Once you get yourself an outdoor pizza oven, you will not only enjoy eating delicious well-cooked pizza, but you will also manage to save on time and energy. If you have an interest in using your pizza oven for many years to come, use the above-listed tips to take good care of it.

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