Can You Use A Regular Grill For an Outdoor Kitchen? 

Grills have evolved over time into different shapes and sizes. Some grills are perfect for an outdoor kitchen, while other grills are a better fit for cooking at home.

You plan on having a 4th of July party at your house, for the first time. As the host, you and your significant other, make plans on what will be cooked and what drinks will be served. Your partner looks at the grill outside and makes a face. You ask what’s wrong and she questions whether or not they can use a regular grill for an outdoor kitchen

You can use a regular grill for an outdoor kitchen. Doing so as opposed to having a built-in grill is more cost effective and easy to maneuver around and use. There are many different factors to determine what kind of regular grill is the best fit for your outdoor kitchen. 

Keep reading to learn more about whether you can use a regular grill for an outdoor kitchen along with the differences between a freestanding, regular, grill versus a built-in grill. 

Can You Use A Regular Grill For an Outdoor Kitchen? 

Using a regular grill for an outdoor kitchen has its many benefits. The number one benefit to using a regular grill is that it is cost effective, as it costs less than having to have a grill built in. 

Typically, people use regular grills for outdoor kitchens for the sake of convenience, as well, as they are easier to maneuver around from one place to another. When people consider having a built-in grill, they would look into the differences between a built-in grill and a regular grill, and outweigh the pros and cons. 

What is the Difference Between A Freestanding Grill and a Built-In Grill? 

There are many differences between a freestanding grill and a built-in grill, despite both being used for the same purposes. There may be an added benefit to one and a lot more cons with the other. 

Keep reading to learn about the five differences between a freestanding grill and a built-in grill. 


A benefit to using a freestanding grill is that you can maneuver it around, whereas with a built-in grill, you cannot. You can easily pick up, or roll around, the grill from one location to the other. With a built-in grill, once you’ve made your choice with where you want to build it then you are unable to move it.  

A grill on fire.
You can easily pick up, or roll around, the grill from one location to the other.


It costs a lot of money to buy a grill, in general, but it is a better route to purchase a regular grill versus having a built-in grill. A freestanding grill can cost less and requires less work to put together as opposed to a built-in grill. 

A built-in grill can be made however you please, but will affect how much it costs you and has so many layers to it whereas with a freestanding grill, it is only a one-dimensional job. With a built-in grill you have to figure out what your style is going to be, hire a contractor, if necessary, get a permit, etc. 

A freestanding grill can cost as low as $100, with an example being George Foreman, Silver 12+ Servings

Size & Power 

A downside to using a freestanding grill is that they are typically smaller, and are less powerful, than a built-in grill. A built-in grill is typically bigger than a freestanding grill, and people usually have them to be around 34’’-40’’ in size, and are often more powerful. 

With a freestanding grill, depending on how many ingredients you have, it is a bit more difficult to hold more supplies on a freestanding grill versus a built-in grill where there is more room for appliances. 

A food griller outside.
Freestanding grills are usually good for energy conservation.

Although this can be considered a downside, a less powerful grill can also be a benefit. Freestanding grills are usually good for energy conservation. Purchasing a grill that burns only propane, or natural gas, is the most efficient way to save energy. 

Lasting Effect & Replacing 

If there is severe weather, a freestanding grill will not last very long versus a built-in grill. Because they are built-in, a built-in grill has a long-lasting effect of being more durable, because they are made of stainless steel, and are more tough to destroy. 

A freestanding grill that becomes destroyed is easily replaceable. If you purchased a freestanding grill, that included a warranty, then you can replace your grill that way or if it didn’t, then you can easily find an affordable grill online or in a store. An example of an affordable grill is Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill Offset Smoke with Cover


This isn’t the case with all freestanding grills, but there are some grills that you are able to take with you on the road, as a portable grill. So, If you are wanting to do road-tripping, camping, or anyplace else of the sort, then you can take a portable grill with you to those occasions along with your ingredients. 

Grilling at the camp.
There are some grills that you are able to take with you on the road, as a portable grill.

Portable grills are, normally, smaller than other grills models. An example of an affordable portable grill is Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill

How Do You Determine Which Grill Is The Best Fit For Your Outdoor Kitchen? 

When trying to consider what type of grill you need for an outdoor kitchen, there are many different options that will have to be weighed. Keep reading to learn more about the four different ways that you can gauge what kind of grill would be the best fit for you and your outdoor kitchen. 

Determine How Much Space You Have 

Determine how much space you have for your outdoor kitchen. The amount of space that you have will be a determination as to the size of your freestanding grill. There are grills that typically run on the smaller side, but there are some grill models that can run up to about 40’’ in size. 

Determine Your Budget 

After determining the size of your space, look into how much you would like to invest into a freestanding grill. There are grills that are inexpensive while others cost over $1,000 dollars. Look into the budget that you want to set aside for your grill and compare and contrast prices of the different grills that you like. 

Consider The Different Types of Grills 

Consider the different types of grills, and best pick which you believe would fit your needs and the space that you are in. Look into the pros and cons of each type of grill and determine whether you would rather have, for example, an electric grill or a charcoal grill. 

Observe The Grills Up Close and Personal 

It is very easy to purchase a freestanding grill online, but go into a store and observe the different grills, in person. By viewing the grills, in person, you are better able to envision what the grill would look like at your outdoor kitchen and if that particular grill is the best fit for you. 

A man happily grilling.
By viewing the grills, in person, you are better able to envision what the grill would look like.

By going to observe the grills in person, an added benefit is that an employee of that particular store would be able to help you decide on which grill is the best fit for you by providing extra information that you may not have been aware of before. 

What Kind of Grill Do I Need For an Outdoor Kitchen? 

There are many different types of freestanding grills that can be used for an outdoor kitchen. Which grill that is the best fit for you can be determined by where your outdoor kitchen is located, how many people you will be feeding, etc. Keep reading to learn about [#] different types of grills that you can have that can go with your outside kitchen. 

Charcoal Grill 

Cooking over a charcoal grill, you are able to receive a smoky flavor after taking your meats, or vegetables, off of the grill. Charcoal grills usually come in a barrel, or box, style and there are many different forms of a charcoal grill like a kettle grill, barrel grill, or a kamado grill. 

Propane Grill 

Propane grills conserves more energy. They are easier to clean compared to other grill models, but are typically more expensive, as well, in contrast to a natural gas grill. Propane grills offer indirect heating and multi-zone cooking. Unlike charcoal grills, there are dials that are installed onto a propane grill, to start heating up the grill. 

Natural Gas Grill 

Natural gas grills are the same as a propane grill, but can offer more benefits. Unlike a propane grill, natural gas grills are more fuel-efficient. With a natural gas grill, there does not need to be a refill unlike a charcoal and propane grill that would have to be refilled once their fuels run out. 

Pellet Grill 

Pellet grills are best known for being a hybrid grill, as it can be a mixture of a smoker and a grill. Mixing these two together will produce a flavorful, grilled, meal and it is also very convenient to use, as well. 

A Pallet grill.
It can be a mixture of a smoker and a grill.

Pellet grills, just like any other outdoor electric grill, are able to heat faster but they can be expensive and require one to have an electrical outlet. An example of a pellet grill is Traeger Grills Pro Series 34


You have now learned whether or not you can use a regular grill for an outdoor kitchen. You also learned about the difference between a freestanding grill and a built-in grill, the different ways as to how to determine which grill is the best for your outdoor kitchen. Lastly, you also learned about what kind of grills you would need for an outdoor kitchen.

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