Can Outdoor Kitchen Be Uncovered?

Outdoor kitchens are usually made of durable materials such as stone or fireproof brick that can withstand the elements. If your outdoor kitchen is located in a more moderate climate, it can generally be left uncovered throughout the year.

Outdoor kitchens are the ultimate party win, especially for the host. Being able to host a party and be fully involved without isolating yourself indoor to get everything ready is the best possible scenario. However, building an outdoor kitchen isn’t super simple; you need to make sure you build it in a way that gives the appliances and materials the longest life possible since they will be exposed to the elements. 

Even though your kitchen will be made with weatherproof materials and appliances, if left uncovered, your kitchen will degrade and break down over time. Your outdoor kitchen needs to be covered to allow for the longest lifespan it can possibly have. 

Obviously, you need some type of roof over your outdoor kitchen. Still, there are other necessities that are there to protect the appliances and materials from being too exposed to the elements. These other needs are huge projects, just simple things you want to keep your kitchen in great shape for longer. 

Why You Want An Outdoor Covered Kitchen

Having a kitchen outside while still attached to your house is a phenomenal and smart addition to your house. When you give yourself the space to be outdoors in the open air while also doing anything and everything you need to do for cooking, baking, and hosting a party, you make the atmosphere even better. 

As a host, you no longer have to run back inside to grab something or stay inside cooking while everyone is outside enjoying the party. You can be fully immersed in the party without having to sacrifice time inside cooking. 

A person grilling.
Allowing yourself to have this fully functioning kitchen gives you so much freedom.

Now, your level of convenience and useability rests solely on how much of a kitchen you want outdoors. You can choose only to have a refrigerator and a counter, but anything needing to be cooked would be done inside. 

The best scenario would be to have a full-functioning kitchen outside as well as inside. Set up your patio or deck with everything, including:

  • Oven
  • Stovetop
  • Plenty of counter space
  • Fridge
  • Ice maker
  • Grill space
  • Wet bar/drink bar
  • Sink
  • Dishwasher

Allowing yourself to have this fully functioning kitchen gives you so much freedom, you won’t know what to do without an outdoor kitchen.  You can host full parties, with or without kids, and no one has to chase around anyone or be left out due to needing something in the kitchen. 

Tips For Building An Outdoor Kitchen

You may want to do plenty of research before you start building or hire someone else to start building an outdoor kitchen. There are several things you can do to make your outdoor kitchen not only more convenient but also more useable and worth your time and money. 

Plan Out Everything

Planning out your outdoor kitchen is more than just figuring out where you need to place your appliances and cabinets; you also need to plan your seating and table arrangements. If your seats and table are too far from the kitchen or facing away from it, there won’t be much convenience for you. 

An outdoor kitchen in the patio.
You also need to plan your seating and table arrangements.

If you will have everyone with their backs to you while you are preparing food, you won’t be able to participate in the party very much. Plan your seating around how the kitchen is facing so everyone can be involved at all times. 

Plan Your Appliances

Your outdoor kitchen won’t be very helpful if you don’t have the appliances you need. Based on what you normally cook, plan your appliances for what you think you would use outside. You can choose anything from a normal oven to a deep fryer or even a large grill top. 

Mistakes To Avoid When Building An Outdoor Kitchen

There a quite a few mistakes people make when building their outdoor kitchen, and while some mistakes can simply be annoying, some mistakes can be dangerous and destructive. Knowing what to avoid can help you keep your kitchen and house safe and intact.

Grill Issues

When building an outdoor kitchen, it may seem obvious to most people that you need a place for your grill. The issue is that many people forget to add room or cut out a place in the counters for a grill to fit into. 

Food being grill.
The issue is that many people forget cut out a place in the counters for a grill to fit into. 

Another issue is that if you do fit your grill into your counter, you need to add an insulated jacket liner around the grill to keep everything else safe from catching on fire. Your grill gets just as hot as your oven, except your grill doesn’t keep that heat in, so there is a risk of your cabinets and counters catching on fire if not done properly. 

If the grill you purchased doesn’t have a jacket specifically made for it, you will need to buy another grill. You can not use aftermarket insulated liners or mix brands. The better the insulated jackets fit, the safer your house is. 

Rated For Outdoor

You want to ensure that the appliances and cabinets you purchase are all rated for outdoor use. Even though your kitchen will be covered, you still need to keep the materials safe from the elements. 

A wet grill.
You need to keep the materials safe from the elements. 

Appliances that are rated for outdoor use are specifically made to withstand the different temperatures and precipitation that occurs. 

Plan Your Layout Based On Plumbing Needs

Many people plan their cabinets and drawers based on how much space they need; then, they realize they need more access to plumbing and pipes, so what they ordered won’t fit. Always have your plumbing and pipe needs looked at and estimated first before you purchase any materials. 

A drainage system.
Always have your plumbing and pipe needs looked at and estimated first.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor kitchens are convenient and helpful for throwing parties, but most people aren’t aware of the specific things that are necessary for an outdoor kitchen to work well. Coverings and proper planning are absolutely a must when building your outdoor kitchen to ensure your appliances and materials stay in good working order as long as possible. 

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