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10 Of The Best Outdoor Sinks For Your Kitchen

If you love to cook outside, a sink is needed to wash your hands, utensils and anything else that gets dirty! Here are 10 of the best outdoor sinks. Includes details of design considerations as well as pros and cons of each.

You are designing and planning your outdoor kitchen, and you want everything to be perfect. Who wouldn’t? This will be a place where you will spend days cooking and spending time with friends and family. So you need everything to be perfect, including the sink.

There are many considerations you should think about when looking at a sink for your outdoor kitchen. You want something durable, strong, and stylish. You will find the best sinks for outdoor use here.

Kraus Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This beautiful sink is at the top of many lists and justly so. It is simple and stylish while also being durable and strong. It is a 21-inch single-bowl sink. It is made of stainless steel so that it will match many different styles of outdoor kitchens but best fits a 

Stainless steel
Dent resistant
Easy to install
Doesn’t scratch
Great drainage
Everything comes with it.
More on the expensive side.
Smaller than other sinks.
The satin has a rough finish.

Kraus brags that it is a quieter kitchen sink than other brands with absorbing sound barrier technology and protective undercoating. It is flat at the bottom so that you can set glasses without fear they will topple over.

SUNSTONE Double Basin Sink

Another great choice, the Sunstone Double Basin sink is large and perfect for large parties and gatherings. It is made of durable material that won’t rust or dent. It will last through the elements without wear and tear.

A double basin sink.
It is versatile and practical and is easy to install in whichever way you prefer.

This style is perfect for the modern look but goes well with other styles. It is versatile and practical and is easy to install in whichever way you prefer. You won’t regret buying this one for your outdoor kitchen.

Long-lasting material
Easy to install
Unique appearance
Installed both under and on top of the counter.
It comes with different gauge material
The shape makes it a little difficult to clean.

Houzer Midnite Quartztone Outdoor Kitchen Sink

The Midnite Quartzone kitchen sink is a dual-mount sink with a non-porous texture. It is smooth and durable and made from quartz-tone granite. It is a great addition when you want to add a little accent to your outdoor kitchen.

It is heat resistant and UV-stable, meaning that the color will last against the sun. If you plan on having an outdoor kitchen without any covering, this may be the best option for you as the color won’t fade. 

It can be installed both under mount or top mount.
Heat resistant.
Won’t chip.
Heavier than many other sinks.
More on the expensive side.

Ruvati Outdoor BBQ Workstation Sink

The Ruvati Outdoor BBQ Workstation is a great sink if you love to do outdoor BBQs. It has everything that you need, from a cutting board and a drying rack. It sits on the counter with a ledge so you can set the cutting board over the top and prepare your food.

A workstation kitchen sink with chopped vegtables.
It has everything that you need, from a cutting board and a drying rack.

It has a single deep bowl for all your cleaning needs. It is made with high-grade stainless steel, so it will never rust or stain. It can withstand saltwater environments as well. It is scratch-resistant and has a brushed finish to match many stainless steel appliances.

Stainless steel
Has a cutting board.
Commercial-grade finish
Easy to clean
Easy installation
One of the most expensive options.
Quite deep.
Water sometimes pools at the bottom.

Coldcreek Outfitters Outdoor Washing Table and Sink

If you need something that isn’t permanent, the Coldcreek Outfitters sink would be a great sink for you. It is the best option if you don’t want to install a permanent sink or need something to transport around the yard.

This is made of high-grade plastic material, is lightweight, and you can carry it around. It will last for a while, but it doesn’t last as long as many other brand sinks. It comes with more surface area to prepare food or more areas to clean your dishes.

Portable workstation.
Double bowlIt has a table with it
Best for temporary use
Because it’s collapsible, it doesn’t last as long.
Only good if you want something portable.

Kraus Pax Single Bowl Outdoor Kitchen Sink

Hand-crafted, the Kraus Pax Single Bowl sink is made with high-quality stainless steel and material to prevent sound and wear. You can install it on any type of countertop, and it only compliments your outdoor kitchen.

A single bowl outdoor kitchen sink.
You can install it on any type of countertop, and it only compliments your outdoor kitchen.

This sink comes with all the items you need to install: cutout template, mounting hardware, and drain assembly. You can simply put it in via top-mount, and you will be good to go. You don’t even need to hire a professional.

Durable, dent proof
Easy installation
The design prevents stagnant water.
Made with durable stainless steel.
Shows water spots easily.
On the more expensive side.
More of an 18 gauge sink rather than a 16 gauge.

Houzer Glowtone Topmount Outdoor Kitchen Sink

The Houzer Glowstone Topmount sink is a traditional stainless steel sink. If you are simply searching for a sink that will do the job and is cheaper, this may be the one for you. It has an undercoating that reduces noise and provides protection to keep your sink warmer longer.

This brand of sink is quite durable, especially for the price. It will withstand corrosion, stains, and dents. Although there is a little flex within the faucet after installation, you can easily fix it. When you cut the counter for the sink, leave a part where the faucet goes to reduce this flexing.

Silent with sound barrier technology.
Easy to clean.
It won’t stain.
It will last several years.
Lifetime warranty.
The faucet flexes more than it should after installation.
The warranty is limited.
It isn’t as versatile with the installation process.

Franke USA Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Sink

This stainless steel sink is a great choice for tight areas. It has a silk finish to give it a modern and clean look. It is durable and long-lasting. With T-rims, it will protect you from sharp edges.

This sink comes with all the parts needed for the installation process. It comes with an extra area where you can install another faucet or other modifications. You can choose to either top-mount it or under-mount it. You have many options to modify this sink to fit your needs.

Can install both top-mount and under-mount.
Great for small spaces.
Sound-deadening technology
Water sits at the bottom because of the shape.
Smaller than other sinks.
One of the more expensive options.

STARSTAR Workstation Ledge Sink

The Starstar Workstation Ledge sink is unique compared to many other options that match the more rustic styles. It comes with a cutting board that covers the top to use both to prepare food and a place to clean dishware.

It is smaller and more compact, perfect for an outdoor kitchen that may not have a lot of countertop space. It is also quite light compared to many other sinks and much easier to install because of this.

Corrosion and rust-resistant
Unique styleSoundproof
Compact size
Because of its lightweight, it may not last as long as other brands.
Limited functionality.

Bull Outdoor Stainless Steel Drop-In Bar Center

The Bull Outdoor Stainless Steel Sink is a large stainless steel sink that provides a wet bar, so if you plan on throwing parties and gatherings with drinks. If you plan on having an outdoor grill island, this is the perfect sink for you.

It is made from high-quality steel with a multi-functionality purpose. This being the case, you will find yourself spending quite a bit of money on this kitchen hardware. It is bulky, so you may need assistance when installing this or consider hiring a professional.

A lot of working space
Corrosion and rust-resistant
StrongIt has a wet bar
Large and bulky
Single bowl

What To Consider When Buying A Sink?

It can be a little difficult when you are trying to find the perfect sink for your outdoor kitchen. You have so many options that you can now find the best for you. Before you make your decision, here are a few things you should take into consideration:

  • The material it is made from.
  • If it is a single bowl or double bowl.
  • The size of the sink.
  • The design of your sink
  • If it is an under-mount or drop-in sink.
  • Water source
  • Drainage

Material It Is Made From

The material of the sink is very important when it comes to an outdoor sink. Many sinks are made with porcelain, and some people want to pay homage to this style, but you may want to think twice. Porcelain can break more easily, especially if there are extreme weather conditions.

Stainless steel is one of the best options when choosing a sink although aluminum can be an option. Remember that aluminum won’t be as durable and sturdy as a stainless steel sink and you may find your sink denting if there are extreme shifts in the environment.

Single Bowl Or Double Bowl

Most options will be a single bowl. Outdoor kitchens don’t always have as much countertop space as indoor kitchens and so you may want to stick with a single bowl. It can provide all the space you need to wash your dishes and other functions.

A simple sink.
Outdoor kitchens don’t always have as much countertop space as indoor kitchens.

If you plan on making a bigger space, you may want to consider doing a double bowl. Double bowls are wonderful for when you have large gatherings or large families. You want enough space for everyone.

The Size Of The Sink

Always check the sizes of the sink. You don’t want to go too small for the area. You will want to make sure the sink is large enough for the area to be installed. It is better to be bigger rather than smaller because you can always cut the area larger.

You want to also check the depth of the sink. If your sink is too deep, it can cause problems with the plumbing beneath and take away any storage space that you may have intended for that area.

The Design

Although this is not a deciding factor, you want to consider the design for both to fit your countertops and compliment your kitchen rather than clash with it. You don’t want to install a sink that doesn’t match the style. It could disrupt the entire flow of your kitchen.

A wooden outdoor sink.
Durable and long-lasting is a must, but you don’t want to compromise the entire kitchen’s designs.

Have in mind what you are looking for. Durable and long-lasting is a must, but you don’t want to compromise the entire kitchen’s designs by adding something that doesn’t look like it belongs.

Undermount Or Drop-In Installation

There is no wrong way to have your sink mounted. This is more of a preference rather than whichever installation process is best. You will find that a top-mounted installation may be easier if you are personally putting in the sink compared to an under-mount, but most sinks come with an installation manual.

Water Source

You will want to take into consideration where you will be getting your water. Is it directly from your well or will you be adding plumbing from your home? This can also affect the installation process of your sink. Keep this in mind, although it is not the most detrimental factor to consider.

A water source with a leaf.
Is it directly from your well or will you be adding plumbing from your home?


You will want to have a sink that drains well once installed. A design that allows stagnant water will only add to the corrosion of the sink and will attract unwanted pests. Ensure that the design allows water to flow easily down the drain.


The sink is one of many things to consider when you are designing your outdoor kitchen. You want something functional yet durable. You want something that is stylish but provides all the needs for your kitchen. You don’t want something that will break or dent easily. These sinks are your best options.

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